Spatial Epitope Prediction for Protein Antigens - monoclone Antibody

  SEPPA-mAb servers as a special version of SEPPA series, focusing on predicting antibody-specific epitope positions for protein antigen with cognate antibody. In addition to potential antigenic positions suggested by SEPPA3.0, SEPPA-mAb also considers the physic-chemical complimentary between epitope patch and mAb CDR. Validated independently on 193 antigen-antibody complexes, SEPPA-mAb gives a high accuracy of 0.873 with false positive rate of 0.097, significantly outperforming both traditional epitope prediction tools and docking-based methods. Further validation of SEPPA-mAb suggests the robustness on multiple antigen species and on modeled antibody structures.
  SEPPA-mAb accepts structures of both antigen and antibody in PDB format.
  Please use SEPPA 3.0 if you have antigen structures only. Batch query is also supported. More information can be found from the tutorial page of SEPPA-mAb.

>>>SEPPA3.0 is available here.