Target Description

Type Detail
Target ID T52NOH
Protein Name Estrogen-related receptor gamma
Uniprot ID P62508
Protein Name Alias ERR gamma-2;  Estrogen receptor-related protein 3;  Nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group B member 3
Gene ID 2104
Gene Symbol ESRRG
Gene Alias ERR3;  ERRG2;  KIAA0832;  NR3B3
TTD T59875: Research target
Pfam PF00105 ; PF00104
0042802:identical protein binding

0008270:zinc ion binding


0006357:regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II

0006367:transcription initiation from RNA polymerase II promoter

0000978:RNA polymerase II cis-regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding


1990837:sequence-specific double-stranded DNA binding

0005496:steroid binding

0050682:AF-2 domain binding

0120162:positive regulation of cold-induced thermogenesis

0006355:regulation of transcription, DNA-templated

0004879:nuclear receptor activity

0048384:retinoic acid receptor signaling pathway

0001228:DNA-binding transcription activator activity, RNA polymerase II-specific

0000981:DNA-binding transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II-specific

0045893:positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated

0003707:steroid hormone receptor activity

PDB 2P7A ; 6KNR ; 5YSO ; 2GP7 ; 2GPV ; 6I66 ; 1VJB ; 2GPP ; 1KV6 ; 2EWP ; 6A6K ; 2GPU ; 6I67 ; 2ZKC ; 6I65 ; 2ZBS ; 2E2R ; 6I62 ; 2ZAS ; 6I63 ; 2GPO ; 2P7G ; 6I61 ; 6K3N ; 6I64 ; 2P7Z ; 1TFC
Drugbank DB13956 ; DB13952 ; DB13954 ; DB06973 ; DB00675 ; DB00255 ; DB04468 ; DB02659 ; DB13955 ; DB06902 ; DB00197 ; DB06884 ; DB13953 ; DB07485
KEGG hsa:2104

Related Compounds  (Total: 1)

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Name: Bisphenol A

Related Herbs  (Total: 5)

Herb idChinese Pin YinChinese CharacterEnglish NameLatin Name
H0358 Ren Shen Ye人参叶 Ginseng leafPanax ginseng
H0847 Zi He Che紫河车 Human placentaHomo sapiens
H0416 Shan Shen山参 NAPanax ginseng
H0357 Ren Shen人参 GinsengPanax ginseng
H0360 Ren Zhong Bai人中白 Human urine sedimentHomo sapiens