Target Description

Type Detail
Target ID T59NBL
Protein Name CD209 antigen
Uniprot ID Q9NNX6
Protein Name Alias C-type lectin domain family 4 member L;  Dendritic cell-specific ICAM-3-grabbing non-integrin 1;  DC-SIGN;  DC-SIGN1;  CD antigen CD209
Gene ID 30835
Gene Symbol CD209
Gene Alias CLEC4L
TTD T59082: Research target
Pfam PF00059
0042102:positive regulation of T cell proliferation

0035556:intracellular signal transduction

1903902:positive regulation of viral life cycle

0005537:mannose binding

0002250:adaptive immune response

0042605:peptide antigen binding

0046790:virion binding

0002223:stimulatory C-type lectin receptor signaling pathway

0019079:viral genome replication


0019048:modulation by virus of host process

0005886:plasma membrane

0075733:intracellular transport of virus

0016021:integral component of membrane

0046718:viral entry into host cell

0043657:host cell

0046968:peptide antigen transport


0030246:carbohydrate binding

0042129:regulation of T cell proliferation

0009986:cell surface

0005576:extracellular region

0007157:heterophilic cell-cell adhesion via plasma membrane cell adhesion molecules

0009988:cell-cell recognition

0007159:leukocyte cell-cell adhesion


0046872:metal ion binding

0001618:virus receptor activity

0009897:external side of plasma membrane

0019882:antigen processing and presentation

0019062:virion attachment to host cell

0097323:B cell adhesion

0045087:innate immune response

PDB 2B6B ; 2IT5 ; 6GHV ; 1SL5 ; 2XR6 ; 1K9I ; 2IT6 ; 1SL4 ; 2XR5
Drugbank NA
KEGG hsa:30835

Related Compounds  (Total: 2)

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Name: L-Fucose
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Name: Mannose

Related Herbs  (Total: 13)

Herb idChinese Pin YinChinese CharacterEnglish NameLatin Name
H0572 Tu Huo Xiang土藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H0549 Tian Zhu Huang天竺黄 Chinese schinzostachyum tabasheerConcretio silicea bambusae
H0004 Huo Xiang藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H0847 Zi He Che紫河车 Human placentaHomo sapiens
H1010 Du Huo Xiang杜藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H1153 Hai Shen海参 Sea cucumberHolothuria leucospilota
H0360 Ren Zhong Bai人中白 Human urine sedimentHomo sapiens
H0958 Dang Shen党参 Pilose asiabellCodonopsis pilosula
H0357 Ren Shen人参 GinsengPanax ginseng
H0669 Xie Bai薤白 Longstamen onionAllium macrostemon
H0005 Huo Xiang Ye藿香叶 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H0173 Lu Hui芦荟 Kulaso aloe dried juiceAloe vera
H1120 Guang Huo Xiang广藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin