Welcome to SEPPA 3.0 !

spatial epitope prediction for protein antigens, particularly for N-linked glycoproteins

The special version (2023) ------ SEPPA-mAb

SEPPA 3.0 is an enhanced version of SEPPA2.0. In this latest version, SEPPA 3.0 realized below functions: 1) Improved the performance on common protein antigens by updating the training dataset; 2) Incorporated new features enabling the accurate prediction for N-linked glycoprotein antigens. As the first algorithm considering the N-glycosylation sites, SEPPA 3.0 shows significant advantages over popular peers both on common and N-linked glycoprotein antigens. More information can be found in help page of SEPPA3.0.

Python code implementation can be downloaded here

SEPPA2.0 can be accessed here

Example of SEPPA 3.0 predictions (PDB ID: 5IF0), the left one represents reference epitope residues marked in red, the right one displays the predicted epitope marked with RPG (Red-salmon-Pink-white-Grey) gradient, while tints from grey to red shows the rising of antigenicity score.