Target Description

Type Detail
Target ID T63M1G
Protein Name Integrin alpha-2
Uniprot ID P17301
Protein Name Alias CD49 antigen-like family member B;  Collagen receptor;  Platelet membrane glycoprotein Ia;  GPIa;  VLA-2 subunit alpha;  CD antigen CD49b
Gene ID 3673
Gene Symbol ITGA2
Gene Alias CD49B
TTD T55293: Clinical Trial target
Pfam PF08441 ; PF01839 ; PF00092
0045184:establishment of protein localization

0008283:cell population proliferation

0005178:integrin binding

0051971:positive regulation of transmission of nerve impulse

0014911:positive regulation of smooth muscle cell migration

0038065:collagen-activated signaling pathway

0033627:cell adhesion mediated by integrin

0043589:skin morphogenesis

0009986:cell surface

0042493:response to drug

0045178:basal part of cell

0007229:integrin-mediated signaling pathway

0014850:response to muscle activity

0001666:response to hypoxia

0050927:positive regulation of positive chemotaxis

0045785:positive regulation of cell adhesion

0008305:integrin complex

0071260:cellular response to mechanical stimulus

0070365:hepatocyte differentiation

0071107:response to parathyroid hormone

0007596:blood coagulation

0005925:focal adhesion

0043236:laminin binding

0046872:metal ion binding

0034666:integrin alpha2-beta1 complex

0002687:positive regulation of leukocyte migration

0001618:virus receptor activity

0009897:external side of plasma membrane

0044877:protein-containing complex binding

0043679:axon terminus

0005886:plasma membrane

0006971:hypotonic response

0033591:response to L-ascorbic acid

0043395:heparan sulfate proteoglycan binding

0048333:mesodermal cell differentiation

0007160:cell-matrix adhesion

0010694:positive regulation of alkaline phosphatase activity

0048661:positive regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation

0098639:collagen binding involved in cell-matrix adhesion

0048471:perinuclear region of cytoplasm

0031346:positive regulation of cell projection organization

0033343:positive regulation of collagen binding

0048041:focal adhesion assembly

0060100:positive regulation of phagocytosis, engulfment

0071392:cellular response to estradiol stimulus

0005518:collagen binding

0010634:positive regulation of epithelial cell migration

0031589:cell-substrate adhesion

0050729:positive regulation of inflammatory response


0032967:positive regulation of collagen biosynthetic process

0009887:animal organ morphogenesis

0007565:female pregnancy

0030198:extracellular matrix organization

0006929:substrate-dependent cell migration

0007155:cell adhesion

0038064:collagen receptor activity

0030879:mammary gland development

0045987:positive regulation of smooth muscle contraction

0043388:positive regulation of DNA binding

0014075:response to amine

0001540:amyloid-beta binding

0050966:detection of mechanical stimulus involved in sensory perception of pain

0045727:positive regulation of translation

PDB 6NDG ; 1DZI ; 6ND8 ; 1V7P ; 6NDA ; 1PQB ; 6NDC ; 6NDF ; 6NDE ; 1AOX ; 6NDH ; 6NDD ; 5THP ; 6ND9 ; 6NDB ; 5HJ2 ; 4BJ3
Drugbank NA
KEGG hsa:3673

Related Compounds  (Total: 2)

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Name: (+/-)Nicotine
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Name: vinblastine

Related Herbs  (Total: 11)

Herb idChinese Pin YinChinese CharacterEnglish NameLatin Name
H0925 Da Fu Zi大腹子 Areca palmAreca catechu
H1176 Hei Hu Jiao黑胡椒 Black pepperPiper nigrum
H0958 Dang Shen党参 Pilose asiabellCodonopsis pilosula
H0960 Dang Shen Qing Gao党参清膏 Root of hairy asiabellCodonopsis pilosula
H0275 Mu Zei木贼 Common scouring rushEquisetum hiemale
H0360 Ren Zhong Bai人中白 Human urine sedimentHomo sapiens
H0847 Zi He Che紫河车 Human placentaHomo sapiens
H1077 Bai Hu Jiao白胡椒 white pepperPiper nigrum
H0258 Mo Han Lian墨旱莲 YerbadetajoEclipta prostrata
H1204 Hu Jiao胡椒 Black pepperPiper nigrum
H0408 Bing Lang槟榔 BetenutpalmAreca catechu