Target Description

Type Detail
Target ID T45G32
Protein Name Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase Src
Uniprot ID P12931
Protein Name Alias EC;  Proto-oncogene c-Src;  pp60c-src;  p60-Src
Gene ID 6714
Gene Symbol SRC
Gene Alias SRC1
TTD T85943: Successful target
Pfam PF00018 ; PF00017 ; PF07714
0045747:positive regulation of Notch signaling pathway

0036035:osteoclast development

0007172:signal complex assembly

2000588:positive regulation of platelet-derived growth factor receptor-beta signaling pathway

0071398:cellular response to fatty acid

0046875:ephrin receptor binding

0031667:response to nutrient levels

0016032:viral process

0043065:positive regulation of apoptotic process

0005925:focal adhesion


0004672:protein kinase activity

0045892:negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated

0044325:ion channel binding


0070555:response to interleukin-1

0043005:neuron projection


0051057:positive regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transduction

0071222:cellular response to lipopolysaccharide

0060444:branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis


0007165:signal transduction

0090263:positive regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway

0070700:BMP receptor binding

0031648:protein destabilization

0070851:growth factor receptor binding

0014068:positive regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling

0043393:regulation of protein binding

0071498:cellular response to fluid shear stress

0010954:positive regulation of protein processing

0019899:enzyme binding

0060576:intestinal epithelial cell development

0045296:cadherin binding

0038096:Fc-gamma receptor signaling pathway involved in phagocytosis

0007169:transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway

0048041:focal adhesion assembly

0045737:positive regulation of cyclin-dependent protein serine/threonine kinase activity

0042493:response to drug

0071375:cellular response to peptide hormone stimulus

0032869:cellular response to insulin stimulus

0009615:response to virus

0043114:regulation of vascular permeability

0098978:glutamatergic synapse

0018108:peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation

0046777:protein autophosphorylation

0001545:primary ovarian follicle growth

0051895:negative regulation of focal adhesion assembly

0098962:regulation of postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor activity

0048011:neurotrophin TRK receptor signaling pathway

0005080:protein kinase C binding

0033625:positive regulation of integrin activation

0005886:plasma membrane

0070062:extracellular exosome

0007411:axon guidance

0098609:cell-cell adhesion

0051897:positive regulation of protein kinase B signaling

0031954:positive regulation of protein autophosphorylation

0005524:ATP binding

0014911:positive regulation of smooth muscle cell migration

0045087:innate immune response

0050731:positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation

2001237:negative regulation of extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway

0060065:uterus development

0045124:regulation of bone resorption

0051219:phosphoprotein binding

0045121:membrane raft

0005102:signaling receptor binding

2001243:negative regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway

0071253:connexin binding

0043149:stress fiber assembly

0008283:cell population proliferation

0014069:postsynaptic density

0010634:positive regulation of epithelial cell migration

0007179:transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway

0032211:negative regulation of telomere maintenance via telomerase

2000811:negative regulation of anoikis

0030331:estrogen receptor binding

0051902:negative regulation of mitochondrial depolarization

0043552:positive regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity

0007049:cell cycle


2001286:regulation of caveolin-mediated endocytosis

0004715:non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity

0010907:positive regulation of glucose metabolic process

0002862:negative regulation of inflammatory response to antigenic stimulus

0048013:ephrin receptor signaling pathway

0010447:response to acidic pH


0004714:transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity

0050900:leukocyte migration

2000573:positive regulation of DNA biosynthetic process

0010632:regulation of epithelial cell migration

0099091:postsynaptic specialization, intracellular component

0030054:cell junction


0071902:positive regulation of protein serine/threonine kinase activity

0022407:regulation of cell-cell adhesion

0048471:perinuclear region of cytoplasm

0051974:negative regulation of telomerase activity

0034332:adherens junction organization

0007229:integrin-mediated signaling pathway

0051385:response to mineralocorticoid

0045453:bone resorption

0048010:vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signaling pathway

0060491:regulation of cell projection assembly

0033146:regulation of intracellular estrogen receptor signaling pathway

0030154:cell differentiation

1903997:positive regulation of non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity

0004713:protein tyrosine kinase activity

0031234:extrinsic component of cytoplasmic side of plasma membrane

0005158:insulin receptor binding


0005743:mitochondrial inner membrane

0043406:positive regulation of MAP kinase activity

0070374:positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade

0086098:angiotensin-activated signaling pathway involved in heart process

0005770:late endosome

0071456:cellular response to hypoxia

2000394:positive regulation of lamellipodium morphogenesis

2000386:positive regulation of ovarian follicle development

0043154:negative regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process

0035556:intracellular signal transduction

0038128:ERBB2 signaling pathway


0020037:heme binding

0005178:integrin binding

0097110:scaffold protein binding

0019900:kinase binding

0071803:positive regulation of podosome assembly

0032587:ruffle membrane

0005884:actin filament

0038083:peptidyl-tyrosine autophosphorylation

0031625:ubiquitin protein ligase binding

0032148:activation of protein kinase B activity

0046628:positive regulation of insulin receptor signaling pathway

0045893:positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated


0042169:SH2 domain binding

0043066:negative regulation of apoptotic process


0051117:ATPase binding

0007173:epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway

0030168:platelet activation

0051222:positive regulation of protein transport

0009612:response to mechanical stimulus

0035635:entry of bacterium into host cell

0007155:cell adhesion

0050847:progesterone receptor signaling pathway

0070301:cellular response to hydrogen peroxide

0002223:stimulatory C-type lectin receptor signaling pathway

0034446:substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading

1900182:positive regulation of protein localization to nucleus

0070102:interleukin-6-mediated signaling pathway

0008022:protein C-terminus binding

0036120:cellular response to platelet-derived growth factor stimulus

0071393:cellular response to progesterone stimulus

0018105:peptidyl-serine phosphorylation

0035306:positive regulation of dephosphorylation

2000641:regulation of early endosome to late endosome transport

0051602:response to electrical stimulus

0031295:T cell costimulation

0007186:G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathway

0030900:forebrain development

0031333:negative regulation of protein-containing complex assembly

PDB 1HCS ; 1YOL ; 4F5B ; 1O4B ; 1A1B ; 1O4F ; 1Y57 ; 6ATE ; 1O4M ; 4F5A ; 1YOM ; 1O44 ; 1A07 ; 1O45 ; 4MXZ ; 1A08 ; 1O4D ; 1O4G ; 1O4L ; 2H8H ; 1O4R ; 3ZMQ ; 4K11 ; 1O4K ; 1YI6 ; 2BDJ ; 1O4N ; 1O4P ; 1O4I ; 1O42 ; 1O47 ; 4MXX ; 6EHJ ; 3ZMP ; 1KSW ; 1O46 ; 4F59 ; 1O4O ; 3VRO ; 1A1E ; 1FMK ; 6E6E ; 1O4H ; 4MXO ; 4MXY ; 1O43 ; 1O48 ; 1HCT ; 6C4S ; 2SRC ; 1O4Q ; 1O4E ; 1YOJ ; 4HXJ ; 1A1A ; 1O4A ; 2BDF ; 1O41 ; 1A1C ; 1O49 ; 1O4J ; 1SHD ; 1O4C ; 1A09
Drugbank DB04751 ; DB01678 ; DB03023 ; DB05184 ; DB03104 ; DB07335 ; DB03268 ; DB03217 ; DB01893 ; DB09079 ; DB06882 ; DB04080 ; DB08192 ; DB07966 ; DB01947 ; DB03298 ; DB03525 ; DB06883 ; DB03306 ; DB03628 ; DB03591 ; DB02432 ; DB01254 ; DB07662 ; DB03114 ; DB08052 ; DB08564 ; DB08053 ; DB02175 ; DB02762 ; DB06616 ; DB02908 ; DB03712 ; DB04739 ; DB03902 ; DB12010 ; DB03828 ; DB08901 ; DB01866 ; DB06137 ; DB04272 ; DB08054 ; DB01962 ; DB08462 ; DB03078 ; DB04495 ; DB02336 ; DB01908
KEGG hsa:6714

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Name: Genistein
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Name: Naringin

Related Herbs  (Total: 374)

Herb idChinese Pin YinChinese CharacterEnglish NameLatin Name
H0580 Tu Si Rou菟丝肉 Dodder seedCuscuta australis
H0088 Ju He橘核 Tangerine seedCitrus reticulata
H0177 Lu Lu Tong路路通 Beautiful sweetgumLiquidambar formosana
H1174 Hei Da Dou黑大豆 Black soyabeanGlycine max
H0360 Ren Zhong Bai人中白 Human urine sedimentHomo sapiens
H0201 Ma Huang Jin Gao麻黄浸膏 Chinese ephedraEphedra sinica
H0524 Tan Xiang檀香 SandalwoodSantalum album
H0005 Huo Xiang Ye藿香叶 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H0711 Yuan Hua Zhi Tiao芫花枝条 stem of lilac daphneDaphne genkwa
H0218 Man Jiu Jie蔓九节 Creeping ninenodePsychotria serpens
H0109 Ku Lian Zi苦楝子 NAMelia azedarach
H0315 Pu Gong Ying Jin Gao蒲公英浸膏 Mongolian dandelionTaraxacum mongolicum
H0871 Chuan Duan川断 TeaselsDipsacus asper
H0214 Bei He Huan北合欢 AlbiziaAlbizia julibrissin
H0357 Ren Shen人参 GinsengPanax ginseng
H0185 Luo Shi Teng络石藤 Chinese star jasmineTrachelospermum jasminoides
H0583 Tu Si Zi Teng菟丝子藤 Dodder seedCuscuta australis
H0691 Xue Lian Hua雪莲花 Snow lotusSaussurea involucrata
H0690 Xue Lian雪莲 Snow lotusSaussurea involucrata
H1007 Dou You豆油 Soybean oilGlycine max
H0872 Chuan Huang Lian川黄连 rhizome of chinese goldthreadCoptis chinensis
H0158 Liu Ling Ju六棱菊 NALaggera alata
H0084 Jiu Li Xiang九里香 Common jasminorangeMurraya paniculata
H0082 Jiu Huang Lian酒黄连 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H0613 Wu Yue Ai五月艾 ArtemisiaArtemisia princeps
H0682 Xiong Huang Lian雄黄连 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H1166 He Shou Wu何首乌 Tuber fleeceflowerPolygonum multiflorum
H0519 Suo Yang锁阳 Songaria cynomoriumCynomorium songaricum
H0104 Bai Zhu白术 Largehead atractylodesAtractylodes macrocephala
H1102 Gu Sui Bu骨碎补 Fortune’s drynaria rhizomeDrynaria fortunei
H0646 Xiang Qing Lan香青兰 DragonheadDracocephalum moldavica
H1140 Guo Gang Long过岗龙 NAEntada phaseoloides
H1222 Huai Hua槐花 flower bud of japanese pagodatreeSophora japonica
H0003 Huo Ma Ren火麻仁 Hemp fimble seedCannabis sativa
H0103 Ai Ye艾叶 Argy wormwood leafArtemisia argyi
H0816 Chu Ling Dan臭灵丹 laggera pterodontaLaggera pterodonta
H1224 Huai Jiao槐角 pod of japanese pagodatreeSophora japonica
H1104 Gua Lou瓜蒌 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H0617 Qian Cao Teng茜草藤 NARubia cordifolia
H0141 Lian Zi Xin莲子心 Hindu lotus plumuleNelumbo nucifera
H0060 Jin Si Ku Lian金丝苦楝 NACardiospermum halicacabum
H0129 Le Xian Cai勒苋菜 NAAmaranthus spinosus
H0733 Ye Shan Zha野山楂 nippon bawthornCrataegus pinnatifida
H0327 Qian Li Guang千里光 Climbing groundselSenecio scandens
H1109 Bai Hua She She Cao白花蛇舌草 Spreading hedyitisOldenlandia diffusa
H1241 Huang Lian黄连 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H0004 Huo Xiang藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H1066 Gan Cao甘草 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H1218 Hua Sheng花生 NAArachis hypogaea
H0416 Shan Shen山参 NAPanax ginseng
H0269 Mu Gua木瓜 Chinese floweringquinceChaenomeles sinensis
H0229 Mao Da Ding Cao毛大丁草 Pilose gerberaGerbera piloselloides
H0094 Gou Qi枸杞 Chinese wolfberry fruitLycium chinense
H0854 Zi Wei Gen Pi紫葳根皮 NACampsis grandiflora
H0365 Rou Dou Kou肉豆蔻 Common nutmegMyristica fragrans
H1004 Bai Cha白茶 White teaCamellia sinensis
H1017 Du Zhong Ye杜仲叶 Eucommia leafEucommia ulmoides
H0304 Ou Pian藕片 Hindu lotus large rhizomeNelumbo nucifera
H1099 Gou Teng钩藤 Sharpleaf gambirplantUncaria rhynchophylla
H0568 Tu Er Cao兔耳草 LagotisLagotis brevituba
H0194 Ma Bing Lang马槟榔 Masaikai caperCapparis masaikai
H0928 Da Huang Liu Jin Gao大黄流浸膏 Medicinal rhubarbRheum officinale
H0553 Tie Shu Ye铁树叶 fruticose dracaena leafCordyline fruticosa
H1112 Gua Lou Ren(1)栝楼仁 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H0354 Ren Dong Teng忍冬藤 Japanese honeysuckle vineLonicera japonica
H0358 Ren Shen Ye人参叶 Ginseng leafPanax ginseng
H0897 Chuan Lian川楝 ChinaberryMelia azedarach
H0063 Jin Ye Zi金叶子 Yunnan craibiodendronCraibiodendron yunnanese
H0397 Sang Zhi桑枝 White mulberry branchMorus alba
H0963 Dao Kou Cao倒扣草 NAAchyranthes aspera
H0565 Tu Bie Chong土鳖虫 CockroachEupolyphaga sinensis
H0707 Yuan Hua芫花 Lilac daphneDaphne genkwa
H0601 Wu Mei乌梅 Japanese apricotPrunus mume
H1047 Feng Xiang Ye枫香叶 NALiquidambar formosana
H0575 Tu Ku Shen土苦参 all-grass of hooker wingheadSophora flavescens
H0219 Man Shan Hong满山红 Dahurian rhododendronRhododendron dauricum
H0369 Bian Fu Ge蝙蝠葛 Asiatic moonseedMenispermum dauricum
H1204 Hu Jiao胡椒 Black pepperPiper nigrum
H1213 Hu Zhang虎杖 Japanese fleeceflowerPolygonum cuspidatum
H0289 Niu Bang Zi牛蒡子 Great burdock fruitArctium lappa
H1096 Ge Hua葛花 flower bud of lobed kudzuvinePueraria lobata
H0883 Chuan She Gan川射干 BlackberrylilyBelamcanda chinensis
H0932 Ba Qia菝葜 Chinaroot greenbrierSmilax china
H0821 Chu Ling Dan Cao臭灵丹草 laggera pterodontaLaggera pterodonta
H1243 Huang Lian Xu黄连须 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H0464 Shi Liu Zi石榴子 NAPunica granatum
H0989 Ding Kui Cao丁葵草 Herb of twinleaf zorniaKummerowia striata
H0361 Ren Zi Cao人字草 Herb of twinleaf zorniaKummerowia striata
H0949 Dan Shen丹参 The root of red-rooted salviaSalvia miltiorrhiza
H0325 Qian Jin Zi千金子 Caper euphorbia seedEuphorbia lathyris
H0457 Shi Er石耳 Rock-EarsUmbilicaria esculenta
H0074 Jing Jie Tan荆芥炭 NASchizonepetae herba
H0324 Qian Jin Ba千斤拔 root of philippine flemingiaRadix moghaniae philippinensis
H1107 Gua Lou Ren Shuang瓜蒌仁霜 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H0237 Mei Gui Hua玫瑰花 Rugose rose flowerRosa rugosa
H0444 Sheng Gan Cao生甘草 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0651 Xiang Yuan香橼 Wilson citronCitrus medica
H0226 Man Yue Mei蔓越莓 CranberryVaccinium oxycoccos
H0926 Da Huang大黄 Medicinal rhubarbRheum officinale
H1217 Bai Mei Hua白梅花 Japanese apricot flowerPrunus mume
H0581 Tu Si Zi菟丝子 Dodder seedCuscuta australis
H0494 Shui Yang Mei Gen水杨梅根 Japanese avens rootGeum japonicum
H1164 He Geng荷梗 Hindu lotus petioleNelumbo nucifera
H0644 Xiang Mao香茅 LemongrassCymbopogon citratus
H0957 Dang Gui Teng当归藤 NAEmbelia parviflora
H1133 Gui Jian Yu鬼箭羽 Winged euonymusEuonymus alatus
H1093 Gao Liang Jiang You高良姜油 Lesser galangalAlpinia officinarum
H1094 Ge Gen葛根 Lobed kudzuvine rootPueraria lobata
H0539 Tian Hua Fen天花粉 Mongolian snakegourd rootTrichosanthes kirilowii
H0310 Pian Qin片芩 Scutellaria amoenaScutellaria baicalensis
H0130 Lei Gong Teng雷公藤 Common threewingnutTripterygium wilfordii
H0802 Zhi Geng枳梗 NACitrus aurantium
H1240 Huang Jing Zi黄荆子 NAVitex negundo
H0551 Cang Zhu苍术 Swordlike atractylodesAtractylodes lancea
H0960 Dang Shen Qing Gao党参清膏 Root of hairy asiabellCodonopsis pilosula
H1219 Hua Sheng Mi花生米 NAArachis hypogaea
H0530 Tao Ren Shuang桃仁霜 Peach kernelPrunus persica
H0016 Ji Xue Cao积雪草 Asiatic pennywortCentella asiatica
H0663 Xiao Ji小蓟 Setose thistleCirsium setosum
H0067 Jin Ying Zi金樱子 Cherokee rose seedRosa laevigata
H0965 Deng Zhan Xi Xin灯盏细辛 Shortscape fleabaneErigeron breviscapus
H1051 Bai Guo白果 Ginkgo nutGinkgo biloba
H0072 Jing Jie荆芥 Fineleaf schizonepetaSchizonepeta tenuifolia
H1061 Bai He百合 LilyLilium brownii
H0632 Xia Ku Cao夏枯草 Common selfhealPrunella vulgaris
H0887 Chuan Xin Lian Gan Jin Gao穿心莲干浸膏 Common andrographisAndrographis paniculata
H0301 Ou Hindu lotus large rhizomeNelumbo nucifera
H0300 Nv Zhen Zi女贞子 Glossy privet fruitLigustrum lucidum
H0531 Tao Zhi桃枝 Peach juvenile branchPrunus persica
H1075 Gan Cao Liu Jin Gao甘草流浸膏 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H1095 Ge Gen Gan Jin Gao葛根干浸膏 Lobed kudzuvine rootPueraria lobata
H1176 Hei Hu Jiao黑胡椒 Black pepperPiper nigrum
H1169 He Ye荷叶 Hindu lotus leafNelumbo nucifera
H0423 Shan Zha Ye山楂叶 NACrataegi folium
H0089 Ju Hong橘红 NACitri exocarpium rubrum
H0827 Zhu Hong Jun竹红菌 Bambusa hypocrella*Hypocrella bambusae
H0967 Di Er Cao地耳草 Japanese stJohn’swortHypericum japonicum
H0166 Long Kui龙葵 Black nightshadeSolanum nigrum
H0085 Jiu Yu Rou酒萸肉 Asiatic cornelian cherryCornus officinalis
H0046 Jin Gan金柑 Japanese kumquatFortunella japonica
H0308 Pi Ba Ren枇杷仁 NAEriobotrya japonica
H1244 Huang Miao黄苗 NATaraxacum mongolicum
H0727 Ye Gan Cao野甘草 Sweet broomwortScoparia dulcis
H1138 Bai Jiang Cao败酱草 All - grass of dahurian patriniaThlaspi arvense
H1252 Huang Qin Jin Gao黄芩浸膏 Extract of root of Baikal skullcaapScutellaria baicalensis
H0692 Xue Ren Shen血人参 NALespedeza bicolor
H0031 Jiang Tan姜炭 Soybean pasteGlycine max
H0622 Xi He Liu西河柳 Chinese tamarisk twigCacumen tamaricis
H1016 Du Zhong Tan杜仲炭 EucommiaEucommia ulmoides
H0685 Xuan Cao Gen萱草根 Orange daylilyHemerocallis fulva
H0092 Ju Hua菊花 Florists chrysanthemum flowerChrysanthemum morifolium
H0602 Wu Mei Rou乌梅肉 EbonyPrunus mume
H0642 Xiang Jia Pi香加皮 Chinese silkvine root-barkPeriploca sepium
H0855 Chuan Bei Mu川贝母 Fritillaria unibracteataFritillaria cirrhosa
H0252 Mian Da Ji绵大戟 NAEuphorbia pekinensis
H0198 Ma Huang Gao麻黄膏 Chinese ephedraEphedra sinica
H1106 Gua Lou Ren瓜蒌仁 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H0784 Chi Shao赤芍 Red peony rootPaeonia obovata
H0270 Mu Hu Die木蝴蝶 Indian trumpetflowerOroxylum indicum
H0498 Si Ji Cai四季菜 Ghostplant wormwoodArtemisia lactiflora
H1253 Huang Qin Jin Gao Fen黄芩浸膏粉 Extract of root of Baikal skullcaapScutellaria baicalensis
H1108 Gua Lou Shi栝蒌实 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H0391 Sang Pi桑皮 Prepared root-bark white mulberryMorus alba
H1021 E Da Xia莪大夏 NAOxytropis falcata
H0164 Ban Zhi Lian半枝莲 Barbed skullcapScutellaria barbata
H0028 Jiang Huang姜黄 Common turmericCurcuma longa
H0750 Yin Xing Ye银杏叶 Folium ginkgoGinkgo biloba
H0217 Man Jing Zi蔓荆子 Threeleaf chastetree fruitVitex trifolia
H0463 Shi Liu Pi石榴皮 Pomegranate peelPunica granatum
H0980 Di Yu Tan地榆炭 Garden burnetSanguisorba officinalis
H0652 Xiang Yuan Pi香橼皮 Wilson citronCitrus medica
H1203 Hu Ji Sheng槲寄生 Colored mistletoeViscum coloratum
H0894 Chuan Xu Duan川续断 Himalayan teaselDipsacus asperoides
H0919 Cui Yun Cao翠云草 Hooked spikemossSelaginella uncinata
H0420 Shan Zha Chou Gao山楂稠膏 Chinese hawthornCrataegus pinnatifida
H0701 Yan Bai岩柏 NAJuniperus formosana
H0027 Jiang Gao姜膏 Soybean pasteGlycine max
H0801 Chong Bai La虫白蜡 Cera chinensis waxEricerus pela
H0847 Zi He Che紫河车 Human placentaHomo sapiens
H1231 Huang Bai Tan黄柏炭 Amur corktreePhellodendron amurense
H0140 Lian Zi莲子 Hindu lotus seedNelumbo nucifera
H0091 Ju Hong Pi橘红皮 Red tangerine peelExocarpium citri rubrum
H1228 Huang Bai黄柏 Amur corktreePhellodendron amurense
H0730 Ye Ma Zhui野马追 NAEupatorium lindleyanum
H0183 Luo Hua Sheng Zhi Ye落花生枝叶 Peanut branch-leafArachis hypogaea
H0901 Chun Gen Teng春根藤 Twig and leaf of creeping psychotriaPsychotria serpens
H0192 Lv Yi Zhi Shi绿衣枳实 NAPoncirus trifoliata
H1055 Bai Guo Ren白果仁 ginkgoGinkgo biloba
H0427 Shan Zhu Yu山茱萸 Asiatic cornelian cherryCornus officinalis
H0231 Mao Gao Cai茅膏菜 Lunate peltate sundewDrosera peltata var. lunata
H0906 Ci Wan刺苋 spiny amaranthAmaranthus spinosus
H1249 Huang Qi Jin Gao黄芪浸膏 Membranous milkvetchAstragalus membranaceus
H0246 Mi Ma Huang蜜麻黄 Ephedra equisetinEphedra sinica
H1092 Gao Liang Jiang高良姜 Lesser galangalAlpinia officinarum
H1248 Huang Qi Gan Jin Gao黄芪干浸膏 Membranous milkvetchAstragalus membranaceus
H0944 Dan Dou Gu淡豆鼓 NAGlycine max
H0813 Zhi Shi枳实 Seville orange young fruitCitrus aurantium
H1227 Huai Zhi槐枝 NASophora japonica
H0638 Xiang Bei象贝 FritillariaFritillaria thunbergii
H0503 Song Jie松节 Knotty pine wood, pine nodular branchLignum pini nodi
H1254 Huang Qin Tan黄芩炭 Extract of root of Baikal skullcaapScutellaria baicalensis
H0200 Ma Huang Gen麻黄根 Chinese ephedra rootEphedra sinica
H1183 Hong Dou红豆 Hosie ormosiaOrmosia hosiei
H1034 Fei Yang Cao飞杨草 NAEuphorbia hirta
H0950 Dan Shen Gan Jin Gao丹参干浸膏 The root of red-rooted salviaSalvia miltiorrhiza
H0429 Shao Yao芍药 Red peony rootPaeonia obovata
H1080 Gan Ge干葛 Lobed kudzuvine rootPueraria lobata
H0153 Ling Zhi(1)灵芝 Lucid ganodermaGanoderma lucidum
H1251 Huang Qin黄芩 Root of Baikal skullcaapScutellaria baicalensis
H1068 Bai He Liu Jin Gao百合流浸膏 LilyLilium brownii
H1111 Gua Lou Gen栝楼根 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H1120 Guang Huo Xiang广藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H0668 Xiao Ye Huang Yang小叶黄杨 Small-leaved boxBuxus microphylla
H0056 Jin Qiao Mai金荞麦 Wild buckwheat rhizomeRhizoma fagopyri cymosi
H0667 Xiao Qing Pi小青皮 Green tangerine peelPericarpium citri reticulatae viride
H0918 Cu Yuan Hua醋芫花 Lilac daphneDaphne genkwa
H0804 Zhi Ke枳壳 Seville ora nge unripe fruitCitrus aurantium
H0637 Cha Ye茶叶 Common teaCamellia sinensis
H1105 Gua Lou Pi瓜蒌皮 NATrichosanthes kirilowii
H1073 Gan Cao Jie甘草节 Glycyrrhiza uralensis fischGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0020 Ji Yan Cao鸡眼草 Striate kummerowiaKummerowia striata
H1127 Guang Shan Zha广山楂 Chinese hawthornCrataegus pinnatifida
H0108 Ku Lian Pi苦楝皮 Chinaberry-tree barkMelia azedarach
H0470 Shi Ye柿叶 Persimmon leafDiospyros kaki
H0493 Shui Yang Mei水杨梅 Japanese avensGeum japonicum
H0927 Da Huang Jin Gao大黄浸膏 Medicinal rhubarbRheum officinale
H0314 Pu Gong Ying蒲公英 Mongolian dandelionTaraxacum mongolicum
H1072 Gan Cao Gao甘草膏 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0347 Qing Pi青皮 Green tangerine peelPericarpium citri reticulatae viride
H0419 Shan Zha山楂 Chinese hawthornCrataegus pinnatifida
H0247 Mi Meng Hua密蒙花 Pale butterflybushBuddleja officinalis
H0708 Yuan Hua Gen芫花根 Lilac daphne rootDaphne genkwa
H0045 Jin Fei Cao金沸草 Japanese inulaInula japonica
H1170 He Zi诃子 Medicine terminaliaTerminalia chebula
H1097 Gong Ding Xiang公丁香 NASyzygium aromaticum
H1186 Hong Gen Cao红根草 Hispid sageSalvia prionitis
H0747 An Xi Xiang安息香 Sumatra snowbelStyrax benzoin
H1067 Gan Cao Fen甘草粉 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0113 Ban Bian Lian半边莲 Chinese lobeliaLobelia chinensis
H0951 Dan Shen Jin Gao丹参浸膏 The root of red-rooted salviaSalvia miltiorrhiza
H0461 Shi Jun Zi Ren使君子仁 NACombretum indicum
H0065 Jin Yin Hua Ti Qu Ye金银花提取液 Japanese honeysuckleLonicera japonica
H0649 Xiang Si Zi相思子 Coralhead plantAbrus precatorius
H0995 Dong Chong Xia Cao冬虫夏草 AwetoCordyceps sinensis
H0974 Di Jin Cao地锦草 Humifuse euphorbiaEuphorbia humifusa
H0920 Da Ban Bian Lian大半边莲 Asian lobeliaLobelia chinensis
H0434 She Pu Tao蛇葡萄 AmpelopsisAmpelopsis brevipedunculata
H0886 Chuan Xin Lian穿心莲 Common andrographisAndrographis paniculata
H0715 Che Qian Zi车前子 seed of asiatic pantainPlantago asiatica
H0719 Chen Pi陈皮 Dried tangerine peelPericarpium citri reticulatae
H0453 Shi Di柿蒂 Persimmon persistent calyxDiospyros kaki
H0591 Wei Ling Cai委陵菜 Chinese cinquefoilPotentilla chinensis
H0902 Chun Pi椿皮 Ailanthus bark, tree of heaven barkAilanthi cortex
H0572 Tu Huo Xiang土藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H1090 Gao Ben藁本 Chinese ligusticumLigusticum sinense
H0193 Ma Bian Cao马鞭草 European verbenaVerbena officinalis
H0275 Mu Zei木贼 Common scouring rushEquisetum hiemale
H1070 Gan Cao Gan Gao Fen甘草干膏粉 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0446 Sheng Jiang生姜 Fresh common gingerZingiber officinale
H0577 Tu Niu Xi土牛膝 Common achyranthesAchyranthes aspera
H0695 Ya Dan Zi鸦胆子 Java bruceaBrucea javanica
H0859 Chuan Bei Mu Liu Jin Gao川贝母流浸膏 Fritillaria unibracteataFritillaria cirrhosa
H0408 Bing Lang槟榔 BetenutpalmAreca catechu
H0422 Shan Zha Tan山楂炭 Chinese hawthornCrataegus pinnatifida
H1215 Hua Ju Hong化橘红 Pummelo peelExocarpium citri grandis
H0068 Jin Ying Zi Rou金樱子肉 Cherokee rose seedRosa laevigata
H0006 Bai Qu Cai白屈菜 Greater celandineChelidonium majus
H1225 Huai Mi槐米 NASophora japonica
H0706 Yan Hu Suo延胡索 YanhusuoCorydalis yanhusuo
H1250 Huang Qi Ti Qu Ye黄芪提取液 Membranous milkvetchAstragalus membranaceus
H0515 Suan Shi Liu酸石榴 PomegranatePunica granatum
H0472 Shu Da Huang熟大黄 NARheum palmatum
H0941 Da Zao大枣 Chinese dateZiziphus jujuba
H0204 Ma Ren麻仁 NACannabis sativa
H0990 Ding Xiang丁香 Clove treeSyzygium aromaticum
H0142 Liang Jiang良姜 NAAlpinia officinarum
H0197 Ma Huang麻黄 Chinese ephedraEphedra sinica
H1071 Gan Cao Gan Jin Gao甘草干浸膏 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0169 Lou Lu漏芦 Uniflower swisscentauryRhaponticum uniflorum
H1117 Guan Zhong贯众 Male fern rhizomeDryopteris crassirhizoma
H0035 Bai Su Zi白苏子 Common perilla fruitPerilla frutescens
H0633 Xia Tian Wu夏天无 Decumbent corydalisCorydalis decumbens
H0547 Cang Qing Guo藏青果 MyrobalanTerminalia chebula
H0323 Qian Hu前胡 Common hogfennelAngelica decursiva
H0696 Ya Jiao Ai鸭脚艾 Ghostplant wormwoodArtemisia lactiflora
H0664 Xiao Ji Tan小蓟炭 ThistleCirsium arvense
H1049 Feng Xiang Zhi Chou Gao枫香脂稠膏 NALiquidambar formosana
H0320 Qi Shu Gen漆树根 true lacquertree rootToxicodendron succedaneum
H0785 Ze Xi Huang Lian择细黄连 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H0693 Xue Xie血蝎 Dragon's bloodDaemonorops draco
H0111 Ku Shen苦参 Lightyellow sophoraSophora flavescens
H0029 Jiang Huang Lian姜黄连 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H1015 Du Zhong杜仲 EucommiaEucommia ulmoides
H1128 Bai Jiang败酱 Whiteflower patriniaPatrinia villosa
H1152 Bai Jie Zi白芥子 White mustard seedSinapis alba
H0648 Xiang Si Teng相思藤 Coralhead plant vineAbrus precatorius
H0925 Da Fu Zi大腹子 Areca palmAreca catechu
H1124 Guang Jin Qian Cao广金钱草 Snowbellleaf tickcloverDesmodium styracifolium
H0379 Bian Xu萹蓄 Common knotgrassPolygonum aviculare
H0975 Di Mian Cao地绵草 NAEuphorbia humifusa
H0071 Bai Ye柏叶 Chinese arborvitae twigPlatycladus orientalis
H1010 Du Huo Xiang杜藿香 PatchouliPogostemon cablin
H0546 Tian Shan Xue Lian Hua天山雪莲花 NASaussurea involucrata
H0805 Zhi Ke Gan Jin Gao枳壳干浸膏 Seville ora nge unripe fruitCitrus aurantium
H0758 Cheng Pi橙皮 Bitter orangeCitrus aurantium
H0421 Shan Zha Qing Gao山楂清膏 Chinese hawthornCrataegus pinnatifida
H0139 Lian Qiao连翘 Weeping forsythiaForsythia suspensa
H1160 Han Xin Cao韩信草 Indian skullcapScutellaria indica
H0656 Xiao Bo Gen小檗根 Barberry rootBerberis julianae
H0240 Mi Gan Cao蜜甘草 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0704 Yan Guan Huang Bai盐关黄柏 Amur cork treePhellodendron amurense
H0195 Ma Chi Xian马齿苋 PurslanePortulaca oleracea
H0154 Ai Ye You艾叶油 Argy wormwood leafArtemisia argyi
H0370 Ru Xiang乳香 OlibanumBoswellia carterii
H0571 Tu Gan Cao土甘草 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0792 Zhang Yu章鱼 Common atlantic octopusOctopus vulgaris
H0979 Di Yu地榆 Garden burnetSanguisorba officinalis
H1211 Bai Mei白眉 pilose gerbera herbGerbera piloselloides
H0844 Zi Cao紫草 Redroot gromwellLithospermum erythrorhizon
H0527 Tao PeachPrunus persica
H0889 Chuan Xin Lian Jin Gao穿心莲浸膏 Common andrographisAndrographis paniculata
H0614 Wu Zhao Long五爪龙 Cairo morninggloryIpomoea cairica
H1230 Huang Bai Fen黄柏粉 Amur corktreePhellodendron amurense
H0100 Juan Bai卷柏 Tamariskoid spikemossSelaginella tamariscina
H0026 Jiang Soybean pasteGlycine max
H0073 Jing Jie Sui荆芥穗 NASchizonepetae spica
H0095 Gou Qi Zi枸杞子 Chinese wolfberry fruitLycium chinense
H0533 Teng Ku Shen藤苦参 NASophora flavescens
H0604 Wu Wei Teng五味藤 NASecuridaca inappendiculata
H0173 Lu Hui芦荟 Kulaso aloe dried juiceAloe vera
H0052 Jin Ju金橘 Oval kumquatFortunella margarita
H1247 Huang Qi黄芪 Membranous milkvetchAstragalus membranaceus
H0976 Di Qing Pi地青皮 NAPericarpium citri reticulatae viride
H0958 Dang Shen党参 Pilose asiabellCodonopsis pilosula
H0852 Zi Tan紫檀 Burmacoast padaukPterocarpus indicus
H0302 Ou Fen藕粉 Hindu lotus large rhizomeNelumbo nucifera
H0069 Jin Ying Zi Ti Qu Ye金樱子提取液 Cherokee rose seedRosa laevigata
H0895 Chuan Yu Jin川郁金 TurmericCurcuma longa
H0432 She Gan射干 BlackberrylilyBelamcanda chinensis
H0826 Chu Mu Dan臭牡丹 rose glorybowerClerodendrum bungei
H0064 Jin Yin Hua金银花 Japanese honeysuckleLonicera japonica
H0952 Dan Xiang Chi淡香豉 NAGlycine max
H0396 Sang Ye桑叶 White mulberry leafMorus alba
H0093 Ju Pi橘皮 Tangerine pericarpCitrus reticulata
H1161 Hang Ju杭菊 Chrysanthemum flowerChrysanthemum morifolium
H1074 Gan Cao Jin Gao甘草浸膏 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0710 Yuan Hua Tiao芫花条 stem of lilac daphneDaphne genkwa
H0713 Che Qian Cao车前草 all-grass of rippleseed plantainPlantago depressa
H0216 Man Jing Ye蔓荆叶 Threeleaf chastetree leafVitex trifolia
H0279 Nan Gua南瓜 CushawCucurbita moschata
H1220 Hua Xiang Shu Guo化香树果 NAPlatycarya strobilacea
H0087 Ju Gu Ye枸骨叶 FOLIUM iLICIS cORNUTAEIlex cornuta
H0890 Chuan Xin Lian Nong Suo Ye穿心莲浓缩液 Common andrographisAndrographis paniculata
H0053 Jin Lian Hua金莲花 Chinese globeflowerTrollius chinensis
H0729 Ye Ju Hua野菊花 Indian wild chrysanthemum flowerChrysanthemum indicum
H0626 Xi Nan Huang Qin西南黄芩 Yunnan skullcapScutellaria amoena
H0529 Tao Ren桃仁 Peach kernelPrunus persica
H1069 Gan Cao Gan Gao甘草干膏 Glycyrrhiza inflataGlycyrrhiza uralensis
H0258 Mo Han Lian墨旱莲 YerbadetajoEclipta prostrata
H0496 Shui Ze Lan水泽兰 NALycopus lucidus
H0570 Tu Fu Ling土茯苓 Glabrous greenbrierSmilax glabra
H0765 Chi Dou赤豆 Assuki beanVigna angularis
H1077 Bai Hu Jiao白胡椒 white pepperPiper nigrum
H0010 Ji Guan Hua鸡冠花 Common cockscomb flowerCelosia cristata
H1141 Guo Gang Long Jin Gao过岗龙浸膏 NAEntada phaseoloides
H1221 Hua Xiang Shu Guo Xu化香树果序 NAPlatycarya strobilacea
H1171 He Zi Rou诃子肉 Medicine terminaliaTerminalia chebula
H1115 Guan Huang Bai关黄柏 Amur cork treePhellodendron amurense
H0467 Shi Shang Bai石上柏 Doederlein's spikemoss herbHerba selaginellae doederleinii
H0484 Shui Fei Ji水飞蓟 St marysSilybum marianum
H0462 Shi Liu石榴 Pomegranate fruitPunica granatum
H1242 Huang Lian Gan Jin Gao黄连干浸膏 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis
H0152 Ling Zhi Jin Gao灵芝浸膏 NAGanoderma lucidum
H0760 Yu Huang Lian萸黄连 Coptis deltoideaCoptis chinensis